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Permanent Make-up

Most women haven’t considered doing permanent makeup because of the fear your eyebrows won’t look natural. But now Due to the latest technology in permanent makeup, you can now have the perfect eyebrows you have always wanted

Permanent makeup is not what it use to be!

Eye Brows

The shape, size and color of eyebrows can be dramatically altered.
It is the ideal procedure  women who desire thicker and fuller brows, which is accomplished by creating and matching colors based on your natural brow color.
This results in the illusion of depth, while appearing more natural than the application of pencil or powder.

Lipliner, Shaping & Full Lip Color

A variety of options is possible with lip enhancement. Color options range from natural to dark.
lip enhancement  is especially effective to obtain  a fuller  appearance of the lips, and gives uneven lips a symmetrical look. With this you look your best all day long, from the moment you get out of bed in the morning.

Eye Liner

Permanent eyeliner can be used to enhancement and beautify the natural look of your eyes and lashes.the liner vary from  very subtle  enhancement to a very dramatic look, depending on the thickness of the permanent eyeliner. this will result in your eyes becoming the focal point of your face